• December 29, 2022

CaniV-4 Test Kit

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The Anigen Rapid CaniV-4 Test Kit is a chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Heartworm antigen, Anaplasma phagocytophilum / Anaplasma platys antibodies, Borrelia burgdorferi antibodies and Ehrlichia canis antibodies in canine serum, plasma or whole blood.

Tests per box: 10

Strips: Multiple Strip Test

Principle: Sandwich lateral flow immunochromatographic assay

Intended Use: Simultaneous detection of canine vector-borne diseases.

Sample: Whole blood, plasma or serum

Sensitivity: HW 94.4%, E.Canis 97.6%, Anaplasma 88.5%, Lyme 93%

Specificity: HW 100%, E.Canis 99%, Anaplasma 97.1%, Lyme 98%

Detection limit: No

Reaction: No

Reading time: 10 min

Shelf life: 24 months


The kit can be stored at room temperature (2~30 ) or refrigerated. ℃ The kit is stable until the expiration date is marked on the package label. DO NOT FREEZE. Do not store the test kit in direct sunlight.

Advantages: One-step test procedure – fast and accurate

Materials provided

  • 10 Anigen Rapid CaniV-4 test devices
  • 1 × 6 ml of assay diluents
  • 10 × Bottles of anticoagulant
  • 10 × Disposable capillary tubes (10㎕)
  • 10 × disposable droppers
  • 1 × Instruction for use

Assay diluents for E.canis Ab, Lyme Ab and Anapl. abs test
Disposable capillary tubes (10㎕) for E.canis Ab, Lyme Ab and Anapl. abs test
Disposable Droppers for HW Ag Test

Test procedure

  • All reagents and samples must be at room temperature (18~25°C) before performing the assay.
  • Remove the test device from the foil pouch and place it on a flat, dry surface.
  • Apply the sample and assay diluents (except HW Ag) into the sample hole as shown below.

[For HW Ag]

1. Using a disposable dropper, apply 2 drops of sample to the sample hole.

[For Lyme Ab, Anapl. Ab, E. canis Ab]

  • Using a disposable capillary tube, add 10 µg of sample to each sample hole. 2. Dispense 3 drops of Assay Diluents into each sample hole. sample hole
  • Start the timer. The sample will flow through the results window. If it does not appear after 1 minute, add one more drop of assay diluents to the sample hole.
  • Interpret the test results at 10 minutes. DO NOT read after 10 minutes.

Support number: No

Customer groups Price: No


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